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Steve's Priorities

Care for all citizens

Lake Stevens is a wonderfully diverse community. In our decision-making process we must consider how all citizens will be impacted, including those who are underrepresented. I fully support and have participated in the construction of a permanent food bank and a senior center that meets the needs of our growing community.

Improve infrastructure to include more sidewalks

As our city grows it is vital that we address traffic and walkability. Lake Stevens has been working with the State and County to improve traffic on Highway 9 and 20th Street. We must continue to build more sidewalks to improve safety for our children walking to school, as well as increase the overall walkability of our city. This helps reduce our carbon footprint, keep residents safe and healthy, and improve quality of life in our great town.

Develop and expand parks and recreational opportunities

The building and development of Cove Park, Lundeen Park, and Frontier Heights Park is a good start. There is more work to be done to add to our parks and recreation options. Every citizen deserves a safe and enjoyable space in which to relax and recreate.

Support local businesses including those impacted by the pandemic

The pandemic has significantly affected our citizens and businesses. We’ve provided pandemic support to many local businesses, charities, and individuals to help them during the shutdown. Supporting local businesses provides tax revenue to fund essential services, and we must continue to ensure a thriving local economy for all residents. As more restaurants and businesses come to town, we will have less need to travel to shop and dine. This generates revenue outside property taxes and improves quality of life for Lake Stevens residents.

Fund fully our law enforcement and first responders

Lake Stevens is one of the safest cities in the state, and making sure it stays that way is a top priority. Keeping people safe and improving traffic enforcement is imperative, and adequate staffing helps ensure excellent response times and keeps traffic at safe speeds.

Social Reform

Due to the recent changes in our society, we have developed a social reform designed to help our citizens.

Get to know Steve

Washington natives Steve and his wife Athena, have been happily married since 2000, and have been in Lake Stevens since 2005. They were won over by the excellent schools coupled with its proximity to recreational and employment opportunities. Each of their five children are/have been blessed to have received their education within the Lake Stevens School District. 

Steve graduated from college and began his career with the State of Washington in 2002. He has worked as a Mental Health Counselor, Community Corrections Officer, and has served many years as an Administrative Hearings Officer in both the prison and community settings. Steve finds his service oriented professional work both rewarding and challenging. 

Serving his community and others has long been part of Steve’s life. He served a two-year mission for his church to Milan, Italy, and has served in many church leadership positions since. He has also served many years as the President of his 136 member Homeowners Association. Prior to joining the City Council in 2019, Steve served on the City’s Planning Commission for two years. Steve is a regular blood donor and is proud to have his 8 gallon pin! 

In his free time Steve loves to garden, and hikes in the gorgeous mountains that surround us. He is proud of his fig trees and other garden produce that he and his family enjoy every season.



  • Lake Stevens Mayor Brett Gailey
  • Former Lake Stevens Mayor John Spencer
  • Snohomish County Councilmember Sam Low
  • Lake Stevens Council President Kim Daughtery
  • Former Lake Stevens Council President Gary Petershagen
  • Former Lake Stevens Food Bank Director Anne Anderson


  • Lake Stevens Police Guild
  • Snohomish County Sheriff Deputies Association
  • Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs
  • Affordable Housing Council
  • Washington Teamsters Legislative League

Steve's Elected Experience

Lake Stevens City Council 2019-present
Snohomish County Health District Board
Sno-Isle Library Board
Lake Stevens Planning Commission
City Council Appointees to Boards and Commissions Interview Panelist
Association of Washington Cities
National League of Cities
Snohomish County Cities
Lake Stevens Youth Council
HOA President 2012-present

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